Wine Wednesdays

Every Wednesday we host a Wine Tasting in our bar, about a variety of different themes.

Time: 7:30 - 9:30 

Cost: 20€ - 25€ 

People are greeted with a Welcome drink to whet the palate.  Accompanied by small snacks to nibble on, we will taste the wines, trying to focus on:

- wine tasting techniques

- grape varietals

- wine growing regions

- wine production methods

- wine and food pairings

Upcoming Tastings


Wednesday, July 27th - Journey through South Africa


Wednesday, August 3rd - Bring Your Own Bottle - BLIND tasting

Wednesday, August 10th - Journey through South Africa

Sample Wine Tastings

Truffles and Barolo
Music & Wine Pairing
Wine & music in harmony
Taste the Bubbles
Which one is Champagne?
Tasting in the Dark
How important is your sight for winetasting?
Grape - MasterClass
Learn all about different Grapes
Cognac Tasting
Taste family produced Cognacs
BYOB -Blind Tasting
Can you guess the Wine?
France vs California
Putting California wine on the map
Wine Glasses
Does the Stemware make a difference?
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