Celebrate with a Wine Tasting

Weinplatz can prepare and deliver fascinating & fun wine-based events for your colleagues or clients.

Speak to us about customising an event to be most relevant to your company or industry.

Team Building Events

Can your team members work together well enough to solve this diabolically difficult wine identification challenge?


They will taste 6 classic bottles while listening to descriptions, facts and clues from the attendant wine expert. Through a combination of teamwork, communication and deduction they then try to identify the year, grape, nationality, region and key characteristic of each wine. No team will get 100%, but the group that delegates, listens and works together best will prevail.

Business Themed Wine Evenings

Examine four fascinating case studies provided by the wine industry while sampling six excellent wines which illustrate the points being made:

Champagne – a lesson in QA.

Champagne is possibly the most consistent luxury product in the world, with a global standing that is the envy of any FMCG brand. Tasting two very different examples, we'll hear exactly how the bubbles business has achieved that enviable position and think about its relevance in the wider corporate landscape.

The Languedoc & The Pfalz – masterclasses in innovation.

Twenty years ago you could not give away Languedoc wine and the government was paying vineyard owners to tear up their vines. What lessons can be learnt from the remarkable turn-around of this hitherto unfashionable region? It's a great tale of nothing-to-lose, a fresh pair of eyes and the spirit of the rugby player. A similar revolution in underway in the Pfalz; tasting the current product can help understand this exciting strategy.

Super Tuscans – the exception that proves the rule, or an argument against regulation?

The Italian wine industry was faced with a regulation crisis when Chianti producers decided to reinvent their product. The reaction from the authorities was surprising. What can we take from this story, other than two glasses of beautiful Tuscan wine?

Bordeaux – the marketing miracle.

How did Bordeaux achieve its unparalleled pre-eminence in the wine world? What is unique about its distribution model and why has the Bordeaux blend become such a popular wine-making technique all over the globe? How do the châteaux retain their reputations while maximising the output from their vineyards? Why do all large French financial institutions own wineries? And all this despite being at war with their best market for decades... Let's learn from the masters of speculation, consolidation and segmentation as we taste two of their premium products.

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